Rural Shock

A countless amount of years ago, on 25th December 1529, King Henry VIII, supposedly the most treacherous monarch ever, held a secret party, in the middle of a creepy field lost in Tupholme; it was a great celebration, beer, cake, and of course, tennis.

King Henry even hired a singer from a different era, Elvis Presley. It was the most amazing event, until, a man from another era, Jack the Ripper appeared, but, in disguise. It was a genuine party, then, in the middle of the noise, Jack the Ripper, had joined the league of zombie villains, pulled out his sword, viciously swinging it round uncontrollably killing everyone except King Henry and Elvis Presley.

This date: 25/12/1529, was sworn by the dreaded King Henry, to never be spoken of again! Sshh!

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