10 thoughts on “London Update

  1. Liz Keir

    Hi everyone, Hi Alex! Looks like you are having an amazing time! Look forward to hearing all about it on from day.

  2. Julie tomlinson

    Hi boys and girls glad to see your all being good and having lots of fun , lots to talk about next week see you soon Leon x

  3. Mrs Aspin

    Just watched your slideshow…. you made me feel really proud! (But I also have to admit… I’m a tiny bit jealous too!)
    Keep up the good work! X

  4. steph hayes

    Hi folks, you all look to be making the most of the fabulous opportunity, cant wait to hear stories of your adventure

  5. Rachel

    An absolute privilege to work with you all!

    Your school should be extremely proud! Very talented team 😀 lovely to see representation from the North too.

    Thank you, Rachel 🙂


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