Me and The Invading Humans Part 1

Crash! Bang! Smash! Everything nearby destroyed.
“Humans! They’re trying to invade our privacy again! We were safe here!” I yelled, cursing them angrily.
“Protecto! They can now not come near us.” exclaimed Cody, examining her exquisite work.
“At this rate, we’ll have to invade them to show them how deadly we are; then they’ll stay away from us!” joked me “Should we start planning?”
“If it gets much worse, we might have to!” replied Cody, shocking me.

Chapter 1
Just to get this straight, me and Cody are aliens( green, slimy, hideous and deadly) but, unlike many, we are half wizard. We know more magic than any intelligent witch/wizard would know and that’s what makes us dangerous. That’s how Cody cast that impeccable Shield charm around us. For years, humans have tried to invade us but, due to our magic, we have narrowly escaped tight corners loads. Now, due to the situation dramatically worsening, we have decided we have to go after them and show them whose boss- we are currently planning our secret attack.

We will load our UFO with explosives- when we encounter humans, we will attack them, explode them and show them whose boss. Rapidly, after our attacks, we’ll escape while leaving a note hinting no suspicion of life on Mars (pretending it was terrorists). We are planning to do this as soon as possible.

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