Me and The Invading Humans Part 2

Chapter 2
Reckless. Absolutely stupid. What goes through our minds?

We land, silently. Not a sound. We look unmistakably like humans. As we rushed through the streets, people stopped and stared- I thought they’d worked out we’re aliens but that’s not the case. We had made a big mistake. We had dressed like a famous couple.

After the initial pause, everyone rushed towards us. They were asking for autographs as if their life depended on it. We couldn’t sign. Instantaneously, there were hands everywhere! My hat came off…

Chapter 3
They knew we were aliens. Thinking fast, I dropped some deadly explosives. That would give them a horrible death.
‘Just what we like.’ I thought. Bang! Screams of anguish! Bodies everywhere. We had done what we’d come for. More people came charging after us.

Thankfully, Cody’s intelligent brain kicked in.
“Grab hold of me! Flyoto!” Cody muttered- the incantation had worked (we’re back on Mars). Everything seemed fine. Or so it seemed…

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